Different Online Fruit Machine Games Nowadays

July 23rd, 2014

There are many different online casinos out there. These days the competition is fierce and the options seem to be growing bigger by the day. Since there’s so much to choose from it comes as no surprise that online casinos and online casino software providers are pushing themselves more and more in hopes of giving their customer what they really want. When it comes to online fruit machine games players are now able to find more and better games with different themes, extra wagering options and special features that can be surely enjoyed by many different types of fruit machine bettors.

Some of the major improvements casinos as well as software providers continue to give players in regards to fruit machines is the chance to bet smaller amounts for larger payouts. Players are aware of the fact that online casinos receive many profits form their fruit machine games and this is why they rather offer bettors many different games that will entice more bettors to join and play on a daily basis. A great strategy that has worked for many online casinos is to offer fruit machine games with lower betting options.

Some of the latest fruit machine games have more pay lines, a great variety of reels and more amount of coins. Most of these games can be played for as low as one penny and this really attracts a wider amount of players. These lower denomination games give those players with a limited bankroll funds to play an affordable option that will actually give them great winnings in return.

Online Fruit Machine Demographics in the UK

May 27th, 2014

It’s no secret for anyone, especially for those of us who enjoy placing online casino bets, that over the past 10 years things have changed. For instance, these days it’s rather obvious that women are placing more bets online than ever before. In a recent study we have learned that close to a half of the female population has at one point or another taken part in some form of online gambling. Many of these female bettors enjoy games such as online fruit machines, specialty games such as scratch cards as well as bingo games. In addition, we have also learned that there has also been an increase gamblers over 75 to join in the fun.

Back in 2012 the British Gambling Prevalence Survey showed that men are probably more likely to participate in online casino games however women are close behind. Back in 2012 close to 75% of men stated that they placed bets online and the number of women who stated they gambled in the last year increased exponentially. A great deal of women are now turning to online casinos to fill their gambling needs. These players choose to play games via their personal computers, tablets or other mobile devices. More and more casinos are catching up to this trend and have started creating special bonuses and promotions catered especially for women.

Even with the increase in online casino activities only about 0.3% of women are considered to have a problem with gambling. According to the figures, women between the ages of 45 and 65 are more likely to be regular bettors. However, women tend to pick games such as bingo over games of strategy like poker or Blackjack. Some surveys show that the number of men who play online fruit machine games is almost the same as a decade ago but the percentage of women who play slot machines has gone up.

How to Make a Living While Playing Online Pokies?

April 10th, 2014

There are many kinds of bettors out there who are currently seeking for new ways to bring money to their lives. Well, playing online pokies from the comfort of their own homes is a perfectly good and smart way to do just that. Playing online casino games such as pokie machines is not all about good luck, there are many different things that players can do in order for this to become a very successful money making idea. Granted, there’s a lot of strategy and tactic involved in a truly positive experience from playing online casino games.

It is not unreal for players to believe that they can start making anywhere from $100 and up to thousands of dollars from online gambling. However, this money making activity is not for everyone as not every single type player out there can endure what actually entails being a successful online casino player. If you do not take losses well and consider that you should be winning all of the time then this might not be suitable for you. The truth is that playing online casino pokies is rather easy to master and it can bring very positive results for any player that knows how to manage their bankroll effectively.

When players learn the true effects of successful bankroll management then they will know how to to set their profit targets as well knowing the right time to stop. If players decide to play online casino games and make this their work they most certainly need to understand the ways they can build their bankroll effectively. Online gambling can be troublesome for many players however with the implementation of bankroll management players will learn how to play responsibly. In order to truly take advantage of the many benefits that can come from online gambling players need to to play these games consistently and get to learn the different strategies in order to adopt their own unique style of play.

Difference Between Wild Symbols in Pokie Games

April 2nd, 2014

Wild symbols are features that players will find in all of the best pokie machine games these days. There are several different wild symbols that players will often run into when playing these online casino games. First off, it’s important to understand that wild symbols are those icons that will help players create extra winning combinations by replacing other symbols or filling up the entire reel. Most often than not wild symbols will take the place of all other symbols except for the scatter icon. These scatter icons are the ones that usually triggers the free slots spins round as well as the bonus round games. Needless to say, wild symbols vary from game to game so players are advised to check the pay table of each pokie to find out more.

Some of the different types of wild symbols include standard wilds, expanding wilds, staked wilds, multiplying wilds and more. Standard wilds are those wild icons that will appear in the majority of pokies and work simply as replacements for other symbols. Expanding wilds will expand and fill in for other symbols in the same reel creating a great amount of winning combinations. Stacked wild symbols are those that will cover more than one section of the reel. Generally, 3 or 4 blocks will make up a stacked wild. These stacked wild icons sometimes will also appear during the freeĀ slotsĀ bonus spins feature.

Some examples of online pokie games that contain expanding wilds include interactive games like Cosmic Quest, Hole in Won and Psychedelic Sixties. In addition, there are also games like 5 Reel Circus, Reel of Fortune and Atomic Age which have wild symbols that also work as multipliers. Whenever free slots players spin in any winning combination with these wild symbols, their payouts will be tripled and hence the bankroll will continue growing exponentially.

Why is Online Casino Support Important?

March 20th, 2014

If you happen to be an online casino enthusiast for some time now then you must know just how important customer support is. At times you might have to contact a representative for a simple question and at other times you might need serious assistance. Whatever the case may be, having a strong customer support team to count on is a pivotal part of what truly makes an online casino a top notch destination. A great customer support team needs to be well informed, extremely prepared and ready to assist customers at any given time. If an online casino is not able to provide its players with a reliable and consistent customer support team, then players will ultimately get frustrated and eventually switch to a better casino.

Customer support can be offered in a number of ways and methods which include telephone, live chat, email and even Skype video chats. However, players can choose just which of these methods works best for them. If the urgency is of ultimate importance then players are likely to contact an agent via a phone call. A more light issue can be easily resolved via live chat or email. Players who need assistance with a technical issue regarding the casino software are likely to feel more comfortable speaking live with a representative rather than having to wait for a response via email.

New online casino players can determine if their experience with this company will be positive or not based on the effectiveness of the customer support team. If players happen to need assistance regarding a deposit and they get the help immediately but not when it comes to payout inquiries then something might be missing there. Players should get the same help regardless of the question or concern they may have at that specific moment. A good customer support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and year round.